Jackson Data and Communications Services

Jackson Data and Communications Services, (JDCS), aims to provide data and communications solutions to small businesses and consulting companies.

JDCS can provide the following ...

bulletSet up and configuration of an internet e-mail gateway for netware and lantastic networks. This will allow all users on your LAN to have transparent access to internet e-mail through you internal e-mail system.
bulletSet up and configuration of winsock stacks and various internet access clients for reaching the World Wide Web, FTP, Usenet news, e-mail and other internet resources.
bulletConsultation on communications issues, especially those dealing with the internet.
bulletTuition on accessing the internet and many other Windows software progams - ask for options.

For more info please e-mail me at: mjackson@islandnet.com., or write/phone me at:

3118 Stevenson Place,
Victoria, BC, V8X 1C5

Page Updated: July 10, 2002 .  Michael H. Jackson