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The following are a selection of Earth Science related locations on the net that might be useful to teachers.

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My Earth Science Links

Bruce Lane's Newfoundland Photography Home Page
CoVis Geosciences Web Server
Earth and Environmental Science
Earth and Sky
ISU Geology
Links to Great Earth-Science Resources
Mike's Earth Science Web Pointers
Teaching in The Learning Web at the USGS


Archives Servies of the GSFC SSDOO
Astronomical Images - Deep Sky Astrophotography
Astronomy 1
Astronomy 120-122 - Introduction
Astrophysical Data System$ catalogs
Astrophysical Data System; catalogs
Bill Arnett's WWW Documents
Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page (JPL)
Comets and Meteor Showers
Directory of $pub$weather
Galileo Home Page (JPL)
How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse
Introduction to Windows to the Universe
JPL public image archive
Kuiper Airborne Obs. information
Kuiper Airborne Obs
Limiting magnitude
Live Solar and-or Lunar Imaging
NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection home
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Observer's Location - Victoria
Open House 1997 Astronomy Home Page
Planetary Photojournal NASA's Image Access Home Page
Satellite Visibility - Home Page - Victoria
SEDS Internet Space Warehouse
Sky and Telescope -- Mir Predictions (USA, Canada, Mexico)
Space Science and Engineering Center
Teacher-Developed Lesson Plans
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
The Nine Planets
The Web Nebulae
Yahoo - Science$Astronomy
Yahoo - Science-Astronomy


PDS Planetary Image Atlas Results Page


1998 Eclipse Home Page
Curacao - Total Solar Eclipse, February 26, 1998
Earth View ECLIPSE Network
Eclipse Home Page
Espenak's Eclipse Home Page
FTP directory -pub-eclipse-980226 at
Links to Eclipses
SDAC Eclipse Information
Solar Eclipses in the Next 10 Years
Totality Tours


Antilles Info Tourisme
CaribAmerican Links
CHEAP FLIGHTS, air tickets and travel advice .
Conrad's Links to Montserrat
ECLIPSE 98 CARAIBES - Site officiel de l'ecli.
Eclipse for everyone - General index
EclipseChaser Home Page
Espenak's Eclipse Home Page
Excite Travel Guadeloupe, Countries & Territ.
Excite Travel Montserrat, Countries & Territ.
Getting to Montserrat
Guadeloupe - Caribbean Offshore Pleasure
Guadeloupe - French West Indies - Caribbean -.
Leeward Island Vacation Rentals
Montserrat Economic Development Unit
NASA RP 1383 Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 Feb.
Official Montserrat Tourist Board Web Site
OUTREMER - Le WEB des Antilles Françaises - W.
See Caribbean - Car Rental, Restaurants, Vill.
SEI Montserrat Oriole
SEI Montserrat
Specialty Travel Index Montserrat
The Montserrat Reporter
Total solar eclipse 26.02.98 - Guadeloupe
World Tourism Organization MONTSERRAT


6 billion Human Beings
Acid Rain Information and Activities
Air Pollution Emissions Information and Activities
Air Quality Lesson Plans and Data
AP Environmental Science - Outline of Topics
AP Environmental Science College Board
AP Environmental Science
APEnvironSci 2
BC Endangered Species Coalition
Brooks-Cole Biology Resource Center EcoUpdates
Brooks-Cole Biology Resource Center Instructor Resources
Canada Trust Website
Carbon Monoxide Information and Activities
CRD landfill
Cunningham-Saigo-Environmental Science
Development Education Program Education for Sustainable Development
Dushkin-McGraw-Hill Student Atlas of Environ.
Earth View
Envirodata by Roger Smith
Environmental Design
Environmental Education Network
Environmental Literacy Council
EPA's Environmental Response Team Environmental Education Video Program
Exploring the Environment
Gary A. Lamberti - Stream Ecology and Plant-Animal Interactions
GCRIO Global Change and Environmental Education Resources
Global Change Laboratory Student Experiment McKemy Jr. High School Eighth-Grade Science Class Project Results
Greater Vancouver Regional District
Ground-level Ozone Information and Data
HERE@UW Project Greenskate
Human Populations Studies
J.D. Allan - Stream Ecology Textbook
Lead Information and Activities
Millennium Eco-Communities
Miller Living in the Environment, 10-E
Mr C's Environmental Science Resources
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) home page
NCDC Global Warming
Nebel - Environmental Science
Nitrates - Carolina tips October 1998
Particulate Information and Data
Point-Quarter Tutorial TOC
Salmon Web
Stream Ecology - Content
Stream Ecology Center
Stream Ecology Class-Project
Superfund Initiatives and Programs
Table of Contents
Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial.
Temperature Rising
The Green Lane Home Page
The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation - An Environmental Resource for British Columbia Streamkeeper and Salmon Enhancement Groups
Using Taking Sides Online
Watch Over Washington Website
Welcome to Global Warming Central
World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Home Page
WWNFF Leadership Program for Teachers

General ES

Craig H
Earth Science Resource Center
Geography 12 Home Page
Geography Department, Okanagan University College
Producing Anaglyph Images
Request 3-D Glasses
Saunder's Publishing Earth Sciences Online I.
Seminars - Centre for Earth and Ocean Research
Tasa Graphics Earth Exchange
Teacher-Developed Lesson Plans
The Geography Educator's World
The Geography Virtual Department
The International Flat Earth Society
The Joint Education Initiative
The Talk.Origins Archive Home Page
UoW Earth Sciences WEB Home Page
Wat on Earth
Yahoo! ScienceEarth Sciences

Geology Canyon Views Page One

Earth Materials

Links for Mineralogists
Minerals on the Internet
Rhode Island Beach Sand Composition
Rockhound Home Page
The Wonders of Rocks & Minerals Student Works.


Alan L. Jones
Current Earthquake Information for British Columbia and Western Canada
Earthquakes in British Columbia - Homepage
Earthquakes in Canada
Electronic Desktop Project - Virtual Earthquake
IRIS Seismic Monitor
Recent Earthquakes
SSA Seismology Resources for Teachers
The Amateur Seismologist
The Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory
USGS Albuquerque Seismological Lab


Craig H. Jones homepage
Curricular Resources in Geology
Earth Science Act 1
Fundamentals of Physical Geography - Mike Pidwirny
Geological Association of Canada - Pacific Section
Geology Labs On-Line
Illinois State Geological Survey
Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms
IMSA Geophysics Home Page
Indiana Geology Today - Frames
Online Resources for Earth Scientists
Tasa Graphics Earth Exchange
The Geologist's Pick Journal
United States Geological Survey Home Page
Yahoo - Science-Earth Sciences-Geology and Geophysics


The Official Royal Tyrrell Museum Web Site
UC Museum of Paleontology -- Welcome
UC Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits
Welcome to UCMP!


Alaska Volcano Observatory
Cascades Volcano Observatory HOME PAGE
Home Page of VolcanoWorld
MTU Volcanoes Page
The Center for Study of Active Volcanoes Main Page
The Electronic Volcano
Update on Current Volcanic Activity
Virtually Hawaii - Mirror
Volcanoes That We Study


1250,000 DEM Data Victoria
1-250,000 Index Map
Autodesk MapGuide
BC Environment GIS data ftp site
British Columbia Land Use Coordination Office (LUCO)
ElectionMap Mapping 1997 Canadian Federal .
ESRI - datahound
ESRI Schools & Libraries ArcVoyager
ESRI Schools & Libraries Program
ESRI Virtual Campus Classrooms
E-STAT - Welcome
GeoData BC - TRIM
Geographic Data BC
LandData BC Home Page
Mapblast! Blast Central - HOME
NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIScience Welcome Page
Welcome to Statistics Canada

GPS stuff

General Purpose Handheld GPS Receivers
Global Positioning System
Links to GPS Information
Nautical Publications
Peter Bennett's FTP directory
The Global Positioning System (GPS)
Trimble All About GPS
Welcome to the GARMIN International Web site!

Imagery and analysis

CCRS Sample Images-Products
DFD - ISIS, Overview
EROS home page
IDI - Satellite Image Sampler CD-ROM
Portrait USA User's Guide
Satellite Visibility - Home Page
SPOT Image welcome page
The Center for Image Processing in Education


(UCLA) Atmospheric Sciences 3
An Online Guide to Meteorology (UIUC)
AS 3 Lecture Screens
BC Coastal Forecast
British Columbia Coastal extended forecast
Current Weather at Smith Island, WA
Davis Instruments
Environment Canada Weather Forecast Victoria.
Interior BC forcast
Live Access to Climate Data
Majestic Research Solar activity monitor
Marine forecast BC coast
Meteorology FAQ Part 1-7 Intro
NCDC Home Page
Pacific & Yukon Region Forecasts Page
Port Angeles, WA local radar
Regional Text Forecasts British Columbia
SciCentral Best Meteorology & Climatology Online Resources
SMUS Weather
The Current Weather at Cranbrook, BC Canada
The Weather Channel - Home Page
Victoria Weather Forecast
WA Radar
Weather Map BC$
Web and Automatic Weather Stations for Meteorology Enthusiasts
Welcome to Weather World
Welcome to WeatherOffice
Winipeg Davis
Yahoo! weather by WeatherNews Inc


NSIDC Snow on the Web

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