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I am developing this page as a source of Galapagos related information. As such it will primarily be a Galapagos "meta site". I plan to provide annotated descriptions of Galápagos related sites.

The Galápagos Islands are very special. If you would like to connect to the islands directly click here. Be aware that this link is frequently down and, when up, is served by a very slow link.You can also connect to a mirror of the Charles Darwin Research Station, which is much faster.

A very useful Galápagos link is the Galapagos Coalition, which also has links to several other sites.

Another excellent Galápagos site is Naturalist Net, a site put together by naturalist Richard Polatty with lots of up to date info.

Terraquest Virtual Galapagos logoDuring 1996 Terraquest is hosted a Virtual Galapagos expedition and created a site based on this expedition. Check it out!

If you are aware of Galápagos related events issues that are new, please let me know as I like to keep up to date. Thanks.

My Galápagos book...

Galapagos BookThis pair of boobies  is from a photograph in my book, Galápagos - A Natural History. If you would like to find out more about this book, check out my page on it:.




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